Archaic Language

In tracking down a cousin (twice removed) in my tree, to see if she ever married, it was a bit of a challenge. The household examination books show she changed her birthdate twice, so the ArkivDigital search was difficult. She’s also named Cajsa so there are several different spellings for her over time. I finally … Read more

Serial Marriages

I decided this week to document the descendants of a 4th great uncle (aka as 3rd great grand uncle), older brother of one of my 3rd great-grandfathers. First I found his two marriages and sorted out his children. Then realized his widow re-married, so began to track her marriages and children. And then the children … Read more

Genealogy Tools

Genealogy, the study of one’s family history, can be a rewarding and engaging hobby. With technology, there are now many genealogy tools available to help individuals research and document their family tree. One popular genealogy tool is, which is a subscription-based website that offers access to a wide variety of records, including census records, … Read more