And Another Mixup!

In further work after tracing Kjerstin Nilsdotter, I was tracing the mother of Kjerstin Nilsdotter 4 (and 2?). Her name is Kerstin (Kjerstin) Jansdotter. I find her with her husband Nils and their children in various records in Ållevik (Ollevik) (the years and parish for each household record book are part of the underlined/linked title): Then … Read more

Disentangling the Kjerstin Nilsdotters

I find at least 3, or maybe 4, Kjerstin Nilsdotters born in Stavnäs parish in 1779. I had confused 1 & 2 in my tree (they are now separated) because Kjerstin 1 was born in Skjutsbol and Kjerstin 2 lived in Skjutsbol in the 1820s (Stavnäs (S) AI:12b (1821-1825) Image 135 / Page 342), and … Read more