And Another Mixup!

In further work after tracing Kjerstin Nilsdotter, I was tracing the mother of Kjerstin Nilsdotter 4 (and 2?).

Her name is Kerstin (Kjerstin) Jansdotter. I find her with her husband Nils and their children in various records in Ållevik (Ollevik) (the years and parish for each household record book are part of the underlined/linked title):

Then I find her as the mother-in-law of Jan Nilsson, married to Kerstin Nilsdotter (whose birthdates are also inconsistent)

Here is the birth record for a Kerstin born 1749-06-26: ArkivDigital: Stavnäs (S) CI:4 1735-1749 Image 93 / Page 177 Parents: Jan Pettersson Pihl and Marit Nilsdotter, which matches the parents living with her in the early records. She was born in Ållevik which is where Kjerstin Nilsdotter and siblings were born.

At least one of the children of Kerstin Jansdotter and Nils Olsson used the surname Pilgren in some records, which I believe makes it more likely that they are descended from Jon Pettersson Pihl.

Born in 1749 and married in 1766 is a young marriage compared to many in that time. I searched the birth records index at ArkivDigital and didn’t find any other children for Jan Petterson or Marit Nilsdotter (trying several variations on the names).  It makes sense, then, if they had only a daughter, for them to allow her or encourage her to marry early and bring her husband in to care for the farm.

ArkivDigital index of their birth records has 4 children named Kerstin with father Jan born between 1740 and 1749 in Stavnäs. 

There is a Kerstin Jansdotter born on 1740-01-07. ArkivDigital: Stavnäs (S) CI:4 1735-1749 Image 43 / Page 77 Parents: Jan Eriksson & Marit Ersdotter

The early records with the 1749 date and parents the same as the birth record for the first Kerstin Jansdotter, and the appearance of her with her daughter later in a clear sequence, leads me to conclude the 1749 date in late June is correct for her, and someone first confused the older Kerstin Jansdotter’s birth information, then when the year was corrected, continued to use the wrong month and day.