New Ancestry Shared Match Tool Solves Mystery

I may have already solved a mystery with the new Ancestry Pro Tools shared matches feature. But I’m not done solving it, really. I have a small cluster of DNA matches that stubbornly could not be identified. The new tool tells me that the oldest in that cluster, I’ll call him R, is a 2nd … Read more


Hawthorne blooms against a blurred green background

Lovsång (Worship) Erik Lidén, about his father Edvin, my great-grandfather Edvin Lidén. Translated by my cousin Kathy’s daughter Hilary McCune. It is spring. Edvin has left his tailor shop and found himself in God’s wonderful wilderness. Edvin loves nature, and his hobby is to break new soil and plant new seedlings. That also coincides with … Read more

Karin Jonsdotter (and variations)

I found a Karin Jonsdotter born 1791 (no month and day recorded), in records for 1804-1806, and wanted to trace where she came from and where she later went, to see if she was a clue to another problem I’m trying to solve. (She was on the same page of a record 1804-1805 as someone … Read more

Typhoid Fever

The ArkivDigital death records can be searched not only for a specific name or date, or range of dates, but by (recorded) cause of death. One cousin in the village I’m researching married in December 1826 when she was 27 years old. They established a separate household, then in November 1830, just short of 4 … Read more

Rabbit Holes and Connections

In my tree, where each branch has pedigree collapse and mild endogamy, it often pays off to go down “rabbit holes” and document spouses, in-laws, and their trees. I use ArkivDigital for my Swedish ancestry, loving the indexes that make searching rather easy. So today I was looking for information on a 6th great grandmother, … Read more

Confusing Anders Eriksson

With patronyms, and a limited number of names, there’s a lot of duplication of names in Scandinavian genealogy. It can be very confusing, especially when records are not found for someone who has a similar history with another. There seem to be two men named Anders Eriksson/Ersson in Karlanda parish, both born 1777. Some trees … Read more

Malin Bryntesdotter

Do I have another situation where someone’s birth date was recorded incorrectly, such that who I have as two different people in the tree are actually the same person? I am researching to find the ancestors of my 5th GGM, who is the first of three Malin Bryntesdotters I’ve shown here with their families as … Read more

Recording Errors

In the Swedish record books, the priests are diligent at entering people in the birth register, in household records, and in other records. Occasionally, there are discrepancies which can make research a challenge.

Forgotten Tragedy? 1712

Often, in the dry statistics of the record books, you can see a tragedy. On the 24th of June, 1712, in a small village in Sweden that I’m researching, two brothers died of drowning. Olof was 26 years old and Erik was 24. Their father was Oluf Andersson. Olof was born just before the earliest … Read more

Finding an Unknown Half Great Aunt With DNA

ThruLines vs. Shared Matches Early in my researching to find where DNA matches fit in, I was able to figure out that a DNA match I’ll call Q was a 6th cousin, descended from my 5th great grandparents, Hans Jansson (1704-?) and Karin Tomasdotter (1704-1789). I share 35cM across 3 segments, with the longest segment … Read more