Hawthorne blooms against a blurred green background

Lovsång (Worship) Erik Lidén, about his father Edvin, my great-grandfather Edvin Lidén. Translated by my cousin Kathy’s daughter Hilary McCune. It is spring. Edvin has left his tailor shop and found himself in God’s wonderful wilderness. Edvin loves nature, and his hobby is to break new soil and plant new seedlings. That also coincides with … Read more

Beata Josefine

image of a well worn gravestone, on its side, with a pink flower and grass around it

Here is a bit of the tragic story of Beata Josefine. This was from an article published in Everton’s Family History Magazine, March 2002, with Kimberly Powell, on the challenges of researching women ancestors. The part below was included, and is my writing. I later discovered that she was Beata, not Berta or Bertha -— … Read more