Confusing Anders Eriksson

With patronyms, and a limited number of names, there’s a lot of duplication of names in Scandinavian genealogy. It can be very confusing, especially when records are not found for someone who has a similar history with another.

There seem to be two men named Anders Eriksson/Ersson in Karlanda parish, both born 1777. Some trees have them confused, but their marriages and children overlap and they have different death dates.

To make it more confusing — there is a marriage of the daughter of Anders Ersson (1777-1820) with the nephew of Anders Eriksson (1777-1844)! Some trees of descendants have them confused — which is understandable since only one seems to have his birth documented.

Anders Ersson 1777-1820

  • married Karin Jansdotter/Johansdotter 1791-?
  • 2 children: Sara (1817-1892) and Katarina (1819-?) — the mother had another child in 1824, no father listed

Anders Eriksson (Lidén) 1777-1844

  • married Ellika Larsdotter Levin 1781-1844 — Anders and Ellika are first cousins, their mothers are sisters, daughters of Daniel Olofsson Lidén and Ingeborg Ersdotter (who are my direct ancestors)
  • 7 children: Daniel Andersson (1808-1863) is the eldest, Anders Andersson (1821-?) is the youngest

Besides the repetition of the more ordinary names, there are also names that become popular in an area. There are a number of Ellikas in Liane!

There was an Anders, son of Erik Elofsson & Böret Andersdotter, born 1778-03-17 in Bön Västra, Karlanda. He died in 1817 in Östra Bön, so that is not the second Anders Ersson/Eriksson.