Disentangling the Kjerstin Nilsdotters

I find at least 3, or maybe 4, Kjerstin Nilsdotters born in Stavnäs parish in 1779. I had confused 1 & 2 in my tree (they are now separated) because Kjerstin 1 was born in Skjutsbol and Kjerstin 2 lived in Skjutsbol in the 1820s (Stavnäs (S) AI:12b (1821-1825) Image 135 / Page 342), and they are both recorded as having birthdates of May 5. But the household examination (HHE) records make clear they are different families.

They appear in various records as Kerstin, Kjersti, and Kjerstin. Maybe some other variations (like Kersti, Stina, Kristin) that I haven’t found yet. If you’re wondering how to pronounce her first name, my understanding is the K or Kj before an e or i is somewhere between Ch and Sh for the starting sound, and the I in the second syllable is pronounced somewhere between a short i and long e in American usage. The first syllable is slightly more stressed. Nils as in her patronym is pronounced more like Niels than with a flat short i. The J’s that begin names used here are pronounced as an American usage Y as in yet is pronounced.)

I found this confusion as I’m trying to test the information that Per Bryngelsson (b. 1690) is the son of Bryngel Jonsson (b. 1676) and his wife Kerstin Nilsdotter (b. 1678). To do so, I’m trying to find DNA matches through Bryngel Jonsson’s and Kerstin Nilsdotter’s later children (born 1700-1715). These families lived in Stavnäs parish in a village called Skjutsbol.

(I am descended, with much paper trail and DNA match evidence, from 4 grandchildren of the Per Bryngelsson born in 1690. That Per’s father is identified as Bryngel Jonsson in many trees; I followed the lead of a Swedish cousin who had done prior research, and many other trees have the same relationship, perhaps copied from one of us. Two trees showing these relationships are included, for context, at the bottom of the article. On trees in this article, I’ve used yellow to highlight those currently in my tree as direct ancestors, and pink to highlight the person whose partial tree I’m showing.)

Kjerstin 1

The woman I’m calling Kjerstin Nilsdotter 1 in my tree was born on May 5, 1779, in Skjutsbol. She is a descendant of Bryngel Jonsson and Kerstin Nilsdotter via their son Jon Bryngelsson (b. 1702) then Nils Jonsson (b. 1756). (Her birth record: Stavnäs CI:6 (1759-1784) Image 124 / Page 239)

Kjerstin 1 married Anders Jonsson. He was first recorded in the HHE records as born in 1781, but later records show this as 1780-12-22. I am assuming there aren’t two Anders Jonssons born in sequential years, but that the date of 1781 is rounded, perhaps derived from a statement of his age. Their first child, Olof, was born in 1806 in Skjutsbol, but the family moved from there first to Högerud parish, where Anders was born, and then spent most of their lives in Gillberga parish. I found 6 children; two of them died early and had later siblings of the same name. (Side note: Some descendants of Anders and Kjerstin 1 lived near where I do now, in the Bronx or neighboring Westchester County.)

(Bryngel Jonsson’s wife should of course be highlighted in yellow, too.)

Kjerstin 2

Kjerstin Nilsdotter 2 was born in 1779, and later records say she was born in Stavnäs. I have not found her in the birth records in Stavnäs. (My guess and intuition is that she is the same as Kjerstin 4 below.) In later records, she was listed as having the birthdate of May 5, 1779, but I think this was an error, based on someone looking up the birth records in Stavnäs and finding Kjerstin 1.

Kjerstin 2 married twice: first an Olof Persson and then a Jan Nilsson. One of the daughters with Jan Nilsson had a descendant who is a DNA match to me (who I thought, before I disentangled this, was descended from Kjerstin 1 and thus Bryngel Jonsson).

Kjerstin 2’s son Petter Olsson married Maria Andersdotter who was a descendant of Per Bryngelsson (1690). I don’t find Kjerstin 2 in any records between her birth and 1800, when she is in Karsbol in Stavnäs parish.

Kjerstin 3

Kjerstin Nilsdotter 3 was born Jan 13 1779 (birth record ArkivDigital: Stavnäs (S) CI:6 1759-1784 Image 122 / Page 235). Her parents are listed as Nils Jansson and Kerstin Ersdotter. I find her parents in these two places, but not her. In the second place I find her family with a younger daughter Kjerstin, so Kjerstin 3 likely died early. Some records:

Kjerstin 4

Kjerstin Nilsdotter 4 was born 6 Mar 1779. The ArkivDigital index says her birth record is here (Stavnäs CI:6 (1759-1784) Image 122 / Page 235) but I don’t see it on that page, I may just not be reading it clearly. ArkivDigital says her parents were Nils Olsson and Kjerstin Jansdotter, who are related to me by marriage through their son Jan who is married to a descendant of Nils Andersson (1669) and Britta Svensdotter (1673). I can find two records of her with her family in the HHE records (one: Stavnäs (S) AI:6 (1792-1795) Image 80 / Page 73), and then I lose her.


My intuition is that Kjerstin Nilsdotter 4 is the same person as Kjerstin Nilsdotter 2 above.  If it was hard for me to see Kjerstin 4 in the baptismal/birth record book, perhaps some priest had the same difficulty, and assumed he’d found the right person with the May birthdate, and that’s why it appears for Kjerstin 2.

In any case, I seem to be related to any DNA matches descended through Bryngel Jonsson other children in ways that also involve descent from his (maybe) son Per Bryngelsson, so at least so far, I haven’t found DNA match descent unambiguously through Bryngel Jonsson. I will keep looking, but it’s appearing to be more bleak to know that particular Bryngel Jonsson is father of that particular Per Bryngelsson.


Here’s the tree connecting me (as several of us have it in our trees) to Bryngel Jonsson and Per Bryngelsson. I’ve highlighted in yellow those identified in my tree as my direct ancestors.

And Bryngel Jonsson’s children (including Per Bryngelsson, whose connection I’m trying to confirm):