Forgotten Tragedy? 1712

Often, in the dry statistics of the record books, you can see a tragedy.

On the 24th of June, 1712, in a small village in Sweden that I’m researching, two brothers died of drowning. Olof was 26 years old and Erik was 24. Their father was Oluf Andersson.

Olof was born just before the earliest online birth records, but I found Erik, born 15 Sep 1687, father Olof Andersson, mother Ingegärd, born in a nearby village.

Nothing more. A birth record that may be for a sister born 1689, in yet another village but a bit further away, but I don’t find anything more about this family. I don’t find any other younger children born in the parish to parents with those names. And no further records of the sister that I can find, she’s born many years too early to follow in household records.

None of the family members fit anyone who is already in my tree, even estimating ages for the parents.

There are just so many narratives that come to mind, about what it must have been like for that family on that day. Losing what may have been the only two sons, maybe their only children, both in one day. Now, remembered only in the records.

I don’t know what your beliefs are, those reading this — but perhaps taking a moment to remember them can acknowledge their lives in ways that otherwise could not happen.