Malin Bryntesdotter

Do I have another situation where someone’s birth date was recorded incorrectly, such that who I have as two different people in the tree are actually the same person?

I am researching to find the ancestors of my 5th GGM, who is the first of three Malin Bryntesdotters I’ve shown here with their families as I can find them. I am suspicious that #1 and #2 are the same person.


Malin #1

She is the leftmost of the three, married to Olof Månsson. I showed his known parents and two of their known children. Olof and Malin are 5th great grandparents to me.

  • No birth record: I searched ArkivDigital birth records for years 1701-1760 for any birth records for a Malin Bryntesdotter born in Värmland.
  • This seems to be her marriage record. She and Olof Månsson are listed as piga and drang, farm workers, in Högerud at the time.
    • Högerud CI:4 (1748-1820) Image 109 / Page 209.
    • No residence record found for this time to confirm that either was in the area.
    • Date is 26 Dec 1754. Age 18 if she is born in 1736, but 26 if she is born in 1728. I have found few marriages in my tree in that time period with a marriage as early as 18, most are in their 20s or 30s. There is no other trace of a Malin Bryntesdotter in Högerud that I’ve found.
  • Residence records (Norra Skasås) after her marriage all show 1736 as birth year. I can’t find a birthplace for her.
    • Stavnäs (S) AI:2 (1768-1773) Image 21 / Page 16
    • Stavnäs (S) AI:3 (1773-1780) Image 31 / Page 26
    • Stavnäs (S) AI:4 (1781-1787) Image 33 / Page 25 (dies)
  • Death record (Norra Skasås), and her age at death fits with a 1736 birth year.
    • Stavnäs FI:1 (1785-1861) Image 5 / Page 1

Malin #2

She is the middle one, daughter of Brynte Persson & Gunnil (Gunnilla?) Nilsdotter.

  • Birth record shows she is born in 1728 in Näbbol. (From other records, her father was born in Byn. I can’t find where or when her mother was born.)
    • Stavnäs CI:3 (1725-1735) Image 32 / Page 57
  • No residence, marriage, or death record found for her. I searched ArkivDigital death records and marriage records for a wide range of years for a Malin Bryntesdotter.

Malin #3

She is the rightmost of the three, married to Anders Karlsson and child of Brynte Toresson & Ingeborg Jonsdotter. All of her records are consistent, and she is unlikely to be confused with the others.

  • Birth in Göksbol in 1750: Stavnäs CI:5 (1750-1758) Image 19 / Page 29
  • Marriage in 1771: Stavnäs CI:6 (1759-1784) Image 13 / Page 17
  • Residence in Göksbol including her year of death (1773-1779): Stavnäs (S) AI:3 (1773-1780) Image 40 / Page 35
  • Death in Göksbol in 1779: Stavnäs CI:6 (1759-1784) Image 182 / Page 355

Malin and Anders had a daughter who is the maternal grandmother of a wife of a 1st cousin 4 times removed to me. She was already in my tree.

The Problem and Conclusion?

Is Malin #1 the same person as Malin #2?

  • Malin #1 has residence, marriage, and death records. Malin #2 has a birth record and nothing more.
  • The birth years are significantly far apart, not an easy error (though I have found such errors as wide as 15 years).
  • The age at marriage makes more sense as 26 than 18.
  • I have searched AD in a wide range of years and including all of Värmland for other records of a Malin Bryntesdotter. No luck.
  • I have had no luck in reading earlier residence records, which have no birth years listed in any case.
  • Coincidence? Malin #1’s husband Olof Månsson and his father were born in Byn. Malin #2’s father was born in Byn. Olof’s father died when he was 13, Malin #2’s father when she was 20 (or, if he is father of Malin #2, when she was 12). If the Malins are the same, this would give them some common experience.

The conclusion that the two are the same is certainly not directly proven. Given how many birth date errors I have found in this time period, I am leaning towards concluding they ARE the same person. This would also make sense of some DNA connections.