Disentangling the Kjerstin Nilsdotters

I find at least 3, or maybe 4, Kjerstin Nilsdotters born in Stavnäs parish in 1779. I had confused 1 & 2 in my tree (they are now separated) because Kjerstin 1 was born in Skjutsbol and Kjerstin 2 lived in Skjutsbol in the 1820s (Stavnäs (S) AI:12b (1821-1825) Image 135 / Page 342), and … Read more

Did Siblings Marry?

A couple of surprises today. The first surprise: a DNA match I had known was related via her mother, then discovered her paternal aunt is also a DNA match. Second surprise: in trying to find the paternal connection, had I found siblings who married each other? And along the way — plenty of names with … Read more


I found a cluster of 3 matches managed by the same manager. Manager is not related. All are small matches. I was able to place 2 of them into my tree easily, because their tree is nicely documented, AND Ancestry’s ThruLines helpfully showed them descended from a Maria Nilsdotter (1829-1875) in my tree. Three other … Read more

Katarina Andersdotter Times Two (Three?)

I checked my tree with a duplicate checker, and it wanted me to check whether the Katarina Andersdotter born 13 Feb 1784 was the same person as the Katarina Andersdotter born 29 Sep 1786. Both had died in the same place on the same day, but their children and spouses didn’t match. Parents’ names matched, … Read more

Beata Josefine

image of a well worn gravestone, on its side, with a pink flower and grass around it

Here is a bit of the tragic story of Beata Josefine. This was from an article published in Everton’s Family History Magazine, March 2002, with Kimberly Powell, on the challenges of researching women ancestors. The part below was included, and is my writing. I later discovered that she was Beata, not Berta or Bertha -— … Read more

Is Genealogy Only for Genetic Family?

White background, hand dropping a microphone.

This post is an adaptation of a response I created for a question on a genealogy forum. The poster was asking (practically begging) people NOT to put adoptive or step family in their family tree. I can understand why someone would omit their biological, adoptive, step, or foster family if there was dysfunction in those … Read more

Archaic Language

In tracking down a cousin (twice removed) in my tree, to see if she ever married, it was a bit of a challenge. The household examination books show she changed her birthdate twice, so the ArkivDigital search was difficult. She’s also named Cajsa so there are several different spellings for her over time. I finally … Read more

Serial Marriages

I decided this week to document the descendants of a 4th great uncle (aka as 3rd great grand uncle), older brother of one of my 3rd great-grandfathers. First I found his two marriages and sorted out his children. Then realized his widow re-married, so began to track her marriages and children. And then the children … Read more

Genealogy Tools

Genealogy, the study of one’s family history, can be a rewarding and engaging hobby. With technology, there are now many genealogy tools available to help individuals research and document their family tree. One popular genealogy tool is Ancestry.com, which is a subscription-based website that offers access to a wide variety of records, including census records, … Read more