Recording Errors

In the Swedish record books, the priests are diligent at entering people in the birth register, in household records, and in other records.

Occasionally, there are discrepancies which can make research a challenge.

Here’s one, where I wasn’t finding Stina Olsdotter’s birth record (born 1798). Father is Olof Olsson T√•ngsberg, as I know from later records.

Here is the household record from 1795-1799 that records her being added to the family in 1798:

The handwriting is a bit messy, but the name is clearly Stina.

And at the top of this page is her birth record from the record of baptisms.

I suppose it is possible that the parents decided on a different name after the baptismal record was entered, but it seems more likely that the clerk or priest had the mother’s name in mind, Britta. One of the witnesses is also a Britta (Persdotter from T√•ngberg). And the next entry has a Britta as the mother as well.

A good reminder that looking in the birth records and household records, you may want to be aware of names being different for the same person.

(I have documented in other posts a few examples of birth dates being changed in the record books, sometimes “borrowing” the dates of another person with the same name.)