Lovsång (Worship)

Erik Lidén, about his father Edvin, my great-grandfather Edvin Lidén. Translated by my cousin Kathy’s daughter Hilary McCune.

It is spring. Edvin has left his tailor shop and found himself in God’s wonderful wilderness. Edvin loves nature, and his hobby is to break new soil and plant new seedlings. That also coincides with his dream to breed a horse at the homestead. Edvin walks out to his newly planted field that he had started last fall. The smoke-filled tailor shop ceiling isn’t over him out here, but endless star-studded space. It is no longer the fuming hurricane lamp that shines its light at him, but the sun, the spring sun, that shines from God’s heaven.

The squeaking tailor table and the drafty floor have been exchanged with the soft soil of the field. This newly turned turf had not been turned by the human hand since the beginning of the creation of the earth. Edvin experiences an indescribable joy over every clump, which means a new addition to his field. Here the wheat shall grow, swaying rye or blooming clover with bumblebees buzzing. Suddenly, Edvin finds himself exploring nature in its fullness, the whole spectrum of spring and summer’s life, sunshine, and splendor. His work is so joyously fulfilling to him – his creation in connection with the infinite beauty of nature, the flowering of the meadows, the growing crops of the fields, the morning call of the swallow, the morning song of the winged choir, the day’s idleness and working joy, the evening’s coolness and rest, and summer nights peace.

Like huge waves comes the impression from spring, summer and nature over him. He sees the hawthorn bloom right next to the new seedlings.

Hawthorn, the perfect picture of human life’s budding, sudden color and then withering. Hawthorn, with its strange white sheen and with a fragrance of contentment. Hawthorn, with its shimmering light testament of beauty under some few fleeing life moments, but with a mission from the eternal.

Truthfully, the whole creation is a cathedral, a sainthood, and God is in His holy temple. Edvin thinks he hears the words from the Midian Land:

“Take your shoes off your feet, for the place you are standing on is holy ground.”

From Nordsmarkbygd, by Erik Lidén.